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A mate just gave me his old Cannondale mtb hard tail - not sure what model it is - says 'CAD3' on had a bent rim and needed a few things cleaned up on it from hard competition riding that I got fixed up. It's about 5 years old, but now that it's all fixed up, i'm looking to get into mountain biking competitvely....for now I've got some learning to do....

From what I've picked up in the VERY short time I've been riding - cannondale x-lite CAD3 hard tail, mavic rims, bomber (?) forks, hunchinson (sp?) tyres, Shimano XTR shifters derailur and cluster, syncros (sp?) handle bar (got a sweet CF neck on it ), dury grips (really sticky!), crank bros mallet pedals and erm....yeah..I don't really know what I'm talkin about yet! I'm sure it's a bit ghetto compared to what you're talking about, but all I know is, I'm havin fun!

In fact, I'm sitting here sweating because I was out on a ride and I rushed back because it's about to hail...

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