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At first thought I was going jump in and say that I was down for a set, although reading through the issues presented.. I'd have to say I'm perfectly happy with my 17" RS Re-Drills, spacers, tuner lugs... It would be nice to have a wider range of wheels available but the cost sounds to good to be true... let alone the need to change brakes..etc.
I want to run the brakes I have as is... and if the cost gets to high... Custom wheels would be my next bet since I could still re-sell my RS's due to not many 17" RS's available in 4x100...

To swap hubs and then pick up new rotors, and a nice set of wheels... you are in the price range of customs easily when all is said and done.

Originally Posted by Camaro View Post
For the JDM hub bolt pattern best thing would be get MK4 Supra Turbo rotors as they are 5x114. You would only be able to run 17"+. I am actually running them redrilled for 4x100
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