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Default FS: RMW BVH ***AS IS...Needs Repair***

I have my RMW BVH for sale, I'm changing to a different head regardless and want to sell this one.

It WILL NEED to be repaired, it will require aluminum welding and resurfacing of the chambers for hairline stress crack repair, and a valve job.

I would rather sell it as is, and let the purchaser decide who to do the work for them.

Price is $1000.00 shipped, No PayPal fee's (in the lower 48) No Core (this will also allow the purchaser to re-sell their own core if they wish)

PM me if your truly interested and I can e-mail you some "good" detailed photos so that you can see exactly what will be required.


(I'm giving interested M/U people first shot prior to posting it other places)
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