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when i was growing up my father had a 1987 911 Turbo Slantnose. it was BEAUTIFUL! was an original factory slantnose, Guards Red with black leather sport seats. my pops added a 1.0 bar boost spring in the wastegate and a custom Borla exhaust, which to this day is the nicest exhaust sound to me ever! anyway, he had a set of 16" BBS RS's on it in gold with the polished lip. i have some pics of it somewhere, but alas, i don't have a scanner to upload them. a shame too because you guys/girls on this site would love the way that car looked! for what it's worth he replaced those BBS eventually in 1992/93 or so with 17" ( ) original Racing Dynamics 5 spokes. in the early 90's those were some of the first 17's out there and were considered outrageous, and we rubbed everywhere we went with that setup.
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