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Originally Posted by justintime View Post
it feels alittle unstable on the long fast sweepers... tight turns its a killer.. I would also still like to take alittle more understeer away without having to left foot brake, or scandanavian flick that would be niceee. but I want it alittle more stable at highspeeds too
I suck at left foot braking so I never do it, when I find myself in understeer situations I instinctively do a lil Scandinavian flick...with my set up (22mm solid rear sway bar and stiffer rear springs) the back end could come out very easily so I try to not cause too much oversteer if I can help it. I'd much rather have some understeer as opposed to oversteer at the limit.

With the proper alignment settings you should be more stable in the long sweepers.
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