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Originally Posted by HK1980
Its not even worth buying, i watched it once, and that was more than enough. You can download it off a bit-torrent site.
Aw man, don't encourage downloading off of BitTorrent. I love BMI, and it's sad that they won't be able to produce them once a month like they were for awhile, all because people download them online. If you dig BMI, buy the DVDs!

Originally Posted by HK1980
In my opinion the whole layout and aspect of the american TOUGE is dissapointing. Even in the first segment of the video,they laugh about how this is not like their "usual" touge's haha,its a track course in the desert,surrounded by sand/dirt/dust. Anyhow its a big let down,the cars, the course,everything,and the relentless driving from car to car to car to car. When they run it on a true touge,then things will be different and entertaining. With cars that actual run and keep proper pace on a true touge.Not just a bunch of contestants trying to advertise and get their 15minutes of fame.I respect BMI touge segments and their layout to be very entertaining in all their japanese versions,but the american touge,is the biggest let down from BMI in my opinion. Anyhow thats my 2 cents.
Agreed. Horse Thief Mile isn't a good representative of true American canyon roads, from what I saw first-hand and in the American Touge series. However, the course used in Japan is not a "true touge", either. It's a bicycle park (Gunsai = Gunma Cycle Sports Center) that they close down for filming. Aside from BMI's contestants, no cars ever traverse those roads.

With that said, the only way we'll ever see a true touge test in the United States is if someone can manage to get the permits, insurance, and safety personnel to close down a piece of genuine American touge. With the politics surrounding canyon driving in the US, it'll be a cold day in hell when that happens!
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