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Originally Posted by HK1980
You say what alot of other people say,but i think you overlook the main thing of what i am saying,true touge=mountain road,the gunsai touge is on a cycle sports center,and the road is located on a mountain,that is a true touge,no matter if its a circuit/course or public road.That is what is my point what i am getting across.
Have you ever been to Horse Thief Mile? It's on a mountainside. Biome (desert vs forest) is a whole 'nother issue.

Have you ever seen a driving movie,where they use public roads/mountains for driving scenes,and film for days on end for certain restricted hours.It can be done,on different specific roads.But i am not going to get into this on here,I believe BMI could have rent a few miles on desolate roads in different national forests all over california,Fast and furious 3 did it on one of the most popular roads around.Some food for thought.
Movies aren't competitions, though. It's all staged, filmed, then sped up in editing. A competition is something completely different, where human emotions come into play and people wreck, cause property damage, kill themselves and others, etc. Try to get the US Forestry Service to let you hold a competition on our canyon roads, and they'll laugh in your face at the thought of one of the cars tossing sparks into the tinderbox we call our touge.

To me BMI doesnt take america seriously when it comes to "touge" as they do in japan,of course not,especially when they have contestants on a touge segment that haven never even seen a mountain road lol,thats why all the contestants were brought out,and they drove the cars relentless ,with no proper layout.It was very unorganized,its all right there in the video.Nothing to really hide.It is more like "ok guys,test the cars one after another, lets get this over with and get back to japan for some real driving" lol rather than "ok lets see what touge drivers of america really have".I mean come on,numerous cars they test drove,they didnt even check the tires before doing the run,then they drive,come back "ohh this car was running racing compound,we didnt know",its disqualified now....come on,if everyone isnt even on equal tires to begin with,does that even say about being organized.
I agree with you on the rules for cars that were allowed to compete there. I shook my head when I rolled in my street legal MCS and had to wait in line behind a bunch of trucks with Hachiroku's sitting pretty on their trailers. If you can't drive it on public roads to get to the track, you shouldn't be able to call it a touge car.

With the various roads we have here in america(especially california),i believe we deserve a bit more than what was offered for "AMERICAN TOUGE".These are just my opinions.A "touge showdown" can be take place on an american touge,just like when driving movies (from decades to present) take place on california mountain roads.
Absolutely. Our roads put a lot of those Japanese roads to shame, but unfortunately, politics come into play when you start talking about holding a competition in an American forest.
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