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Default San Diego BMWCCA Autocross - September 9th

LOCATION: Qualcomm West Lot (San Diego)

  • 6:30 AM gates open
  • 7:00 AM tech opens
  • 7:00 AM registration opens with priority to BMW and MINI owners
  • 7:45 AM registration opens to non-bmws, any BMW/MINIs arriving after 7:45 are processed in order with the non-bmw's.
  • 8:20 AM tech closes
  • 8:30 AM registration closes
FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. 100 car limit (NOTE: this is up from 80)

The one day SD BMWCCA events have a history of filling up early. Plan on arriving before the 7 AM registration formally opens to get a number at the gate.

You must be a BMWCCA member ($40 and totally worth it for the Roundel magazine and the chapter newsletters)

Cost for one day is $45 per day.

CLASSING: the San Diego chapter has one MINI COOPER class, so all the MINIs are thrown into the mix against each other (supercharger or not).

List of those planning on competing
  1. Charlie
  2. Joe
  3. Jerry
  4. Dave
  5. Matt
  6. Paul
  7. Glen
  8. Karen
  9. Jimmy
  10. Teresa
  11. Richard
  12. Steve
  13. Garth
  14. Larry
  15. Jacques
  16. Chip
  17. Michael
  • Fastest MINI - 6-pack of beer
  • Fastest MINI on street tires - Fijian Warclub (Travelling Trophy, like the Stanley Cup. The winner only retains the trophy as long as they hold the title of Fastest MINI on street tires at the most recent L.A. or San Diego BMWCCA Autocross)
  • Fastest Cooper (non-s) - a jug of Karl Strauss'


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