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I can't wait.
Seeing how I've been playing the Gran Turismo games since the inception of the game, having played the original Forsa and Forsa II, I can't wait for the new Forsa III.
To be honest, the game, graphics, and engine of the Forsa game are far superior to the GranTurismo games. I can actually drive better in the Forsa games and handling dynamics seem more real than the GT series.
I also love it when I hit a wall or the AI hit you, there's actual damage. GT doesn't have that and is supposed to be having it with the release of the GT5 coming in Spring of 2010.
But for now, I'll be buying the Forsa III game even though I'm not finished with the ForsaII game.

When I play it's 2-3 hours at a time as I can't put the remote down.
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