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Default Upgrading rotors and pads what to do opinions? V.1654651684684

Well current setup is basic but I have finally gotten my rotors worn down to the point where I need to do a full brake job and I would like some opinions and some ideas on where to go. I have done some research myself and it seems that the pre made kits offered by companies like way, and DT seem to be the best bang for my buck. Any way here are the specs now and what I am looking at. If any of you have other ideas please feel free to shout em out.

My current set up is:
Stock rotors and Calipers on stock brake lines
EBC green stuff pads: I love them they are awesome and I'd like to stay with EBC pads if possible.

My thoughts:
No my car doesn't see track time, so a big brake kit isn't needed. However I am graced to live in a rural community and my daily commute is something kind of like the Dragon run, complete with wild animals that require hard emergency stops. My car is built Function over form, but I do like the look of a race car so I would prefer Slotted rotors over an OEM replacement. Also I have had one car with steel brake lines and I love the feeling they give over stock, so that is a must. Also I would like to stay in the same rotor size so I don't need to muck about with new calipers, and such, since again it's not really required. For the long short of it, I would like something that gives a little bit better performance than stock and that look nice on the car. Side note I don't know how I feel about fully flushing my brake system to put in a different "Race" oriented fluid since I know how long that stuff lasts in my race car and I don't want to be having the same worries on my DD.

Here is what I have found so far:
The Helix Stage 1 Brake Kit will greatly improve feel, performance and cooling of your MINI Cooper and Cooper S brake system. This kit includes ATE slotted front rotors, EBC Green Stuff front brake pads, DOT approved Helix Stainless Steel braided brake lines, and ATE Super Blue Racing (or equivelant) Brake Fluid. In track and other repetitive hard-use conditions, the MINI's stock brake system has shown the propensity to boil brake fluid. The stage one brake kit is guaranteed to increase brake heat dissipation, and improve hard-use brake performance. Please note, this kit includes brake lines for all four wheels but only FRONT rotors and pads.

Really my fav by far right now almost everything I want with a good price

Not my fav, since it comes with stock roters but it is everything else I like.

Expensive, but looks good, not really what I'm looking for in total and I'm not a fan of Hawk

I like these rotors

So thats what I have so far, what are your opinions, I have about $700 to spend and I would like to have the best price as possible, right now helix is looking like my best option.

Let me know your thoughts.

Thank you
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