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Adhesive press....

Came up with this custom cross bar clamping system that attaches to my welding table (6' x 14') with a set of steel wheels that attach along the two long sides of the table. This way I can roll the bars along the "X" axis of the table to position them over the part. The bars have sliding bar clamps with lengths of all thread and feet that slide on the "Y" axis... I can quickly position the clamps and using a battery drill with a socket, run the all thread / feet down onto the part I'm glueing...

This allows me to put a tremendous amount of clamping force to hold the layers of MDF / plywood to the metal skins of my countertops while the adhesive sets up... I generally leave it clamped for 24 hours...

This comes in real handy for large surface area items....

This picture is of the Zinc countertop recently made...

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