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Originally Posted by travellering View Post
Nice stuff, but if I was being way too picky, the last one seems like too shallow a depth of field. The subject is already isolated by the setup (which is very clean by the way, I couldn't get a shot like that around here without cat fur making an appearance!).
As per your post in my thread, I'll be happy to egg you on anytime!

I actually had the aperture all the way open at 1.4 hahaha -- so that's why it's so shallow. I actually liked the effect it gave the strawberries. I'm not sure why the previous photo wasn't loading but I fixed the URL (the coffee cup).

The setup is actually really simple! see:

Click the image to open in full size.

I did strawberries and colored pencils. If you don't like the shallow depth of field on the strawberries you definitely won't like it on the colored pencils! I'll retake more and post the colored pencils for tomorrow's photo of the day.
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