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Default 03 S Rebuild Time

Well after 13 years and 365,000 miles I think it may be time to rebuild my MINI. I started noticing a large loss of power going up grades, and temperatures rising pretty quick. My water pump gears started making a bit of noise, so I swapped in my old supercharger last week. It fixed the noise, but of course not the lack of power. Today I did a compression test, which turned out low, very low, all the way across (105-120psi). I then did added a bit of oil to the one of the 105psi cylinders and it bumped it up to 165psi. So it looks like the rings need replacing. I can't say that I am really surprised with this many miles, and have been expecting it for sometime. So now a question for you guys who build/ rebuild engines. I am planning on replacing rings pistons, bearings, and re-building the head. What I am wondering is, should the connecting rods be replaced? I have not dig into the engine yet, when I do it may become obvious, but since I haven't build an engine since high school (in my 40's now) I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask some who have done one more recently. Also, since I'll be in that deep, what else should I look for.

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