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Yea man, Congrats on the mileage. I had my engine built at 112,000 haha.

I think its great to go ahead and do a head rebuild, new pistons, rings etc.

Also may as well get a new oil pump, replace bolts with ARP components,

Use Mahle rod and main bearings. They are cheaper and better than OEM.

Unless you are planning to push the car to over 300whp, then the stock rods are acutally very strong. I would have them tested for cracks and such before putting them back in. There are also a lot shops that can take your rods and either shot-peen them or some other treatment to make them stronger, so that is always an option as well.

Be sure to have your head and bock decked and zeroed out.

Your cylinders are most likely ovaled or egg shaped so those will want to be bored accordingly
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