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This is my Mid 80's mountain toy. We are both showing battle scars after all these years. It is a Klein Pinnacle which was quite a good bike in it's day. I didnt realize how long I had been out of the sport when I decided to get back into it and update the bike. It has a 1 inch head stem configuration and when I went looking for a front suspension no one made a decent one any more . After much cajoling on my part I was able to get Marzocchi to make me one . I picked up a few CF bits , seat stem, bottle cage , bar ends and a handle bar is on order. My real goal is a set of CF wheels and I've seen a few that might do but havent decided as yet. As the guys at the locka bike show say" I could buy a new one " but what fun would that be ?

M7 Tuning

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