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Originally Posted by MotoringSpeed View Post
Dealer cost is $349.80 I can't go any lower. That Morristown offer is good. I won't be making any money off this.

Morristown charges $375 plus $15 shipping.

$385 is the lowest I can go. Sorry.
No worries, I just thought I'd throw it out there. You never know unless you ask, right?

Originally Posted by SoCal_Mini
I think that's a killer deal boys... I'd be game - has anyone seen one in person (I remember someone at the Autox having one last year) Is there red stitching on the wheel - and the suede portion.. it felt real nice..

whatdaya think Chipster>
Dave and Glen both have this wheel, it was probably one of theirs that you saw. I really want one but I'm not sure I have the money (or the okay) for one right now. Have to talk to the financial department.