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Default Spark plugs?

Hey everybody... Just wanted to start this thread to get some ideas and opinions...

I've had the car for almost 5 years, and needed my first spark-plugs changed after about 50K miles... Then had them changed once more with the installation of the cylinder head (at 100K)...

At 110K, I took the car in for a check-engine thingy (turned out to be oil-change time, too) but they said that the spark-plugs were shot as well, so I had them replaced... (only 10K miles after their last change)... And now, at 116K, I'm thinking they're shot yet again! Could this be?? Because of the mods the engine is def. running harder, but 2 spark-plugs changes in less than 20,000 miles???

Well, if indeed this is true, what other choices to I have out there for the plugs only that will keep the car strong and last longer than stock plugs??

Thank you in advance,
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