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Originally Posted by Drewmon View Post
Yeah, what he said.

Done anything with the ECU?
Working double-time these past weeks to get it done this week now... Just asked Rally for the cable, hopefully he'll send it to me, and I've been speaking to Don about a custom MTH upgrade... Got a Dyno day on Saturday the 26th, and I want the car to be 110% at its best... That means a new ECU, and plugs, too... So I'm gonna go with the ones from my link previously.

Take care, and thank you all for the help(s).

*Edit* but now I have to choose! I'm not good at choosing... Help me out: I got 2 from the MiniMania site; the non S Iridium or the non S "multi Gnd platinum" (they're about the same price, but Iridium is a little more)...

The thing that's pushing me is the picture on the site;

Click the image to open in full size.

multi Platinum:

Click the image to open in full size.

Which ones should I opt for?? And what's the difference, really? I mean, I'm just looking for the ones that will last longer with a modded engine non S car....

Thanks again,
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