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Originally Posted by Drewmon View Post
Honestly, I think the ECU updates will help abate the eating of the plugs.

I'd opt to say running a new cam in the head led to changes in your duration/spark/etc. and the stock ECU setup is probably getting a bit nutty with what it thinks it needs to deliver/request voltage wise thus causing the plug abuse.

However, others with more knowledge of the MINI's motor can add more than I here. I've yet to do anything that major to my MCS.

I've read better things about NGK too, so I'd grab a set of those given the option.

The multi-ground style of plug you have in the second picture is supposed to help increase the life of plugs in motors requiring the electrode to be offset. Unless the new head changes things, I'd be apt to stick with traditional plug type as I do know the multi-ground plug can decrease performance in motors not requiring that type of tip (discovered that on one of my old Hondas).

You can find a ton 'o info and options on - their prices and service are pretty good too. That's where I've bought my last couple of sets.
that is where I purchase my plugs...
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