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Default Membership (Updated 08/20/2009)

Membership Benefits
  • Access to private forums.
  • Access to -exclusive events.
  • Eligibility for -exclusive discounts and vendor promotions.

Membership Prerequisites
  • Must have recently attended a minimum of two (2) automotive events.
  • Must have an Introductions thread and a Garage thread.
  • Must agree to membership maintenance terms.

Voting Process
There are three regions: West (US, residing West of the Mississippi), East (US, residing East of the Mississippi), and Global (anyone outside of the US). Up to one (1) poll can be created per region, per month. Two (2) existing members must "sponsor" a prospective member in order for a poll to begin, by confirming their sponsorship in a private Nominations thread, and providing an overall profile of the prospective member and their car.

Once all prerequisites are met, Leadership will select the prospect most likely to get into from each region to be voted on for that month, and the poll is started. If there is more than one nominee in one region, the next likely prospect will be voted on in the following month, as selected by Leadership.

Poll options include "Yes", "No", and "No Preference". Polls last for 14 days, and no posts except for the starting post may be made within the polling thread. In order for a poll to result in a victory for the prospective member, first the number of "No Preference" votes cast are subtracted from the total number of members, and rounded up to the nearest whole number to create the "meaningful votes" total. Prospective members must have received "Yes" votes from a 2/3 majority of the "meaningful votes" cast to make it into .

If the prospective member did not receive the required number of votes, they must wait two months from the close of the poll before they will be eligible for a revote.
Membership Maintenance
  • Display motoring|underground logo on vehicle exterior, clearly visible. logo optional.
  • Log into motoring|underground at least once every six (6) months to check in.
  • As a member, you are a representative of our organization. Your behavior on this and other message boards and events directly reflect upon the team. Any activity contadictory to the spirit of may be considered grounds for removal from . In other words, don't be a douche.
  • Due to the confidential nature of much of the content in the private forums, membership with other similar organizations and/or vendor employment/affiliations may subject your membership to review.

Removal from
A member who does not log in for six (6) months will be automatically retired from .
Poll of Grievances
A poll to remove a member can be initiated if Leadership receives grievances from 15% of members (rounded up to the nearest whole number) within a quarter, submitted via private message (see next post for contact information). Grievances will be shared within Leadership, but will otherwise be kept private. If the required number of grievances is met, a poll will be created in the Axe section of the Ballot Box.

Poll options include "Yes" and "No/No Preference". In order for the member to have their membership revoked, they must receive "No" votes from a simple majority (more than 50%, rounded up to the nearest whole number) of the active membership (active meaning those who are not up for an Axe vote). Poll will last for 14 days or until a simple majority is met, whichever comes first.

Leadership is exempt from being voted off with a Poll of Grievances.
Leadership Clause
Leadership reserves the right to revoke membership, at our discretion, and without prior notice, under extreme circumstances (Ex: If RFIbanez flips out and stabs a pirate at a MINI event for no reason).
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