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Since you mentioned the age of your fluid, I'm assuming you want to FLUSH the fluid first. That's where the blue stuff shows it's "colors" (sorry). When I flushed my car upon purchase a year and a half ago (MINI calls for 2 year intervals, I think), the fluid was so dark that I was clearly able to tell when the new fluid was through using regular amber. Anyway, to answer your question, change all the lines, then flush and bleed, going from farthest corner from MC to closest. If you can crack a bleeder, then depress the brake pedal with a tool (like a piece of 2"x3" between the pedal and seat) to hold it down, it will keep the fluid from running out while you have the system open. Take the "tool" out before using your bleeder. I use my bleeder for the entire flushing process.
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