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I was very skeptical of the info i was relayed (truthfully i have a hard time believing many things mini service says as they are the same people that say its fine to not change your oil for 20k miles as long as the service light isnt on and that rotating your tires is bad )

but this from NAM made me think twice again

Originally Posted by WayMotorWorks View Post
I would recommend the Motul RBF600 fluid over all the others, but if this is strickly a daily driver you can actually pick up the valvoline synthetic really cheap and it works great.

I would def stay away from the ATE fluid, been down those problems too many times.
going to give a friend at a different mini dealer a call before doing the job and find out his $.02

if anything i will just use the super blue for right now or pick up some valvoline as it sounds like a quality sub for my needs until i find something better in a few weeks and reflush the system

Thanks for all the help again everyone
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