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Originally Posted by Wraith View Post
Odd a 2012 WRC Dakar winner,
but very limited in aftermarket kits for performance mods.
To be fair, an R60 never competed in the WRC Dakar....a tube framed beast with a Countryman body competed. I don't think any of the R60 chassis was involved in the rally cars. I'm not even sure the R60 itself is capable of competitive use and the demand for such is beyond niche, so the likely hood of roll cage kits being out this soon seems low.

With that said, if you are looking to get competitive with your R60, your best bet is a weld-in cage anyway. Youre probably best off reaching out to a race fabrication company and ask them for a quote for the type of cage you're hoping to install.

If you're the DIY type of guy, a MIG welder, tubing bender, and race chassis engineering courses are probably the right path to take.

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