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Default R60 Roll Cage

Well, point made. However, the WRC Minis that won Dakar 2012, To my understanding was built Prodrive and cost 1.5 million each, A R60 body was stripped out and somewhat cut up
to fit the tubing inside. It was not built straight from tubes like (NASCAR). You are able to google the Prodrive Minis. see you tubes, and review from the web site.
You are correct, that it was not just OEM with a rollcage from the street.
I just found it odd that Mini only made one commemorative model Black with neon green strips in 2013 (?).
I thought more people might be interested in the modding of the All4 for Rally, AutoX, even racing, as the turbo hybrids are pushing 450 hp+. A few of us are starting to push the performance side of the Countryman. It's not exactly the BMW Mini Cooper Miniac favorite.
But thanks for the info. Just checking with the coolest Mini crowd, M|U.
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