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Default Just found out that my Mini got wrecked. And repaired.

I bought my Mini new. In fact, I ordered it, then waited for it to arrive. It's never, ever been in a wreck of any kind. At least not one that I know about.

Last fall I was washing my car. I noticed a stubborn speck just below the right rear tail light, so I hit it with a clay bar. Nothing. When I scraped at it with my fingernail, it got bigger. Upon closer inspection, it looked like the paint was bubbling.

By summer, it looked like some rust was taking hold, so I got out my tools, removed the tail light, and started sanding. The more I sanded, the larger the rust spot got, to the point where I wasn't confident that I could fix it properly myself. So, I took it to a body shop that I trust, and they went to work.

After a few hours, I got a phone call and some photos emailed to me. It was obvious to the tech, and from the pics, that the car had been hit from behind at some point, and then repaired. When the repair happened, a gap was left between two panels, and that's where water/salt/road grime got in and started the rust.

I went through my records of each of the (few) times the car has been in the shop, and unfortunately, the only time the car was out of my site for long enough for it to have been wrecked and repaired was at the Mini dealership, when they replaced the clutch/trans under warranty.

There is of course no way I can prove this, so I won't name the dealership, but I think it's pretty crappy that I now have to pay $650-ish to fix rust that they ultimately caused by what amounts to a shoddy repair job.

I just don't get why they wouldn't just say, "Sorry, your car got hit in the lot, so we need to keep it for a week to fix it" and then do a proper job. Baffling.
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