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Originally Posted by melissa View Post
dawww.. to cool..

And i wish e had the MB here in the states!!! im jelious that thing rocked!
Well yes, it was a great car, but not with the diesel engine. 95hp was not enough for a car with the aerodynamics of a fridge.

The clutch was a major nuisance, as it was far to small for the torque of the diesel engine. We changed the clutch after about 18.000 miles and the second one was starting to show signs of decomposition at now 36.000 miles. Changing the clutch takes two days and costs roughly 3000USD on parts.
So yes, great car, but with a few weak spots

The A210 Evolution is a hell of a ride though

A shame the current A-Series MB ( W169 ) is not as good looking as the model we had ( W168 ).

But life's much easier with a second MINI in the driveway with the basement stacked with all the spare parts for MINIs

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