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No pics yet. I bought mine used and it has a lot of scratches and imperfections, so I'm not ready to revile her to the world. I'm getting a PC and a bunch of Prima products for X-Mas of hopefully after then I can show her off. The last thing I have to do after I figure the tails is "Joey" the headlights. But after cracking one of the tails, it has me even more scared then before! I can snap a few quickies and Email them to you if you like.
I have 3 thoughts right now about what to do with the lights. Either pull the vinyl and use Nightshades on the red lens. Or leave it red/orange and use Nightshades on the inside of the outer lens. Vinyl the inside of the outer lens. Or just go back to the standard vinyl on the outside of the outer lens, but still with the inside chrome removed. Ok that was 4.
By the way, I have never used the Nightshades product so it too will be a little trial and error I'm sure.
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