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Originally Posted by Brain View Post
I have all the ie stuff, but I would honestly say that the front and rear brakes are definitely am improvement when you press the car hard not only the front but the back are much improved as far as brake fade and extended hard braking goes. I have had this kit on my car for about 2 years and have used up a set of front rotors, got a replacement set and I am completely happy with the form and function of the entire set.

What I am curious about is have they made a bracket for putting this setup on the r56? I would like to have the larger r56 front calipers on the large rotors
No bracket as of yet for the R56. But perhaps this summer?

This is the only existing full IE Front BBK It utilizes a modified mustang GT caliper. I am working on using a 4 piston Cobra caliper which I feel will be a better fit and have improved braking performance over the standard 2 piston GT unit.

Also I did not mention there may be a BBK kit that will include a larger Nissan Z Caliper. And the possibility may be a retro fit brake master cylinder to correct the brake bias running a larger rear brake system?

Click the image to open in full size.

After a little work of grinding and fudging with braketry and dissembling for powdercoating.

Click the image to open in full size.

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