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Originally Posted by VicSkimmr View Post
Well maybe for the morons, but I don't rez people unless the area is cleared or we're well protected. If someone gets killed out in the open in the middle of a firefight they can go fuck themselves
well usually someone comes into a room shoots you, the medic in the room instead of shooting that guy lays down and res you while thedude is standing over the top of you both. dunno how many times that happens lol. Im still only level 21 so most people are still figuring it out that I get paired with. That is oone thing about bf3 is leveling is way slower... I played mw3 all day long and it got me to level 35 an Ive been playing bf3 for a week I guess and im still only at level 21 lol. with that said.. Ive basically unlocked everthing in the sniper class already except the use of the svd for both classes.
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