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Originally Posted by Rally View Post
Well then consider this one of those occasions.

Jan, tone it down. There's no need to make this personal or continue the name calling. This went from a semi educational thread to just downright insults. Calling him a moron isn't a respectable way of handling yourself and it has no place here on M|U. I understand that he is frustrating you and attacking what you do. Handle it maturely and fight his claims with facts.

Now don't get me wrong....this isn't a one sided thing, PA needs to tone things down as well. You both need to step back from your keyboards and return when you're ready to have a valid discussion. If it's gonna return to this dribble, it's best to just move along. We have no interest in watching two men hiss and whine at each other on the internet over something as silly as engine mods.

So everybody, tone it down.
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