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Winner: Glen - crazy man. You nailed the issue.

Codes came up as:
  • p0303 misfire on #3 cylinder
  • p0313 misfire detected with low fuel

Friend pulled the #3 plug and its browning pretty good. I'll look to grab another set. He takes one look at the gap and says "this is too much", grabs his gapping tool, adjusts the plug and that was it. We hung around talking about how expensive mini parts are compared to VW and away I went. Drove it hard on the way home into the triple digits and it was a smooth pull throughout the band.

Came home with a big smile on my face as I've had this stutter since I purchased the car!!! through two sets of plugs - oem and these NGKs - it was just a matter of gapping this entire time.

Looking back I was a bonehead and trusted the wrong advice. Never checked the gapping of the NGKs when I put them in. Listened to the advice, "they're preset man, just drop them in and you are good to go." Pfff.

So there you have it. I want to thank you guys for the assistance. I'm quite happy this didn't persist to a boost issue as I imagine that would have been a PITA to locate.

I'm going to pick up new cables as mine are on their last legs and have served as several meals to mice. Will also buy new plugs. Any recs? I'm holding onto the oem coil pack as there isn't anything wrong with it.
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