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Originally Posted by 03EmCeeS View Post
Don't sell to this guy. I traded him an oil pan for a dipstick and it took him FOREVER to send the dipstick to me. He'll probably take a month to send the money

I was never really into that cage design until I saw pictures of it in your car. It is now quickly growing on me. How do you like it?
hmm thank you ill keep that in mind..

i love it! it's the race version with the welded in cross bar from autopower. they also make one with a bolt in cross bar. it's by far my favorite mod. Fitment is great, not too hard of an install....*if your rear interior is already gutted*....and i get lots of compliments on it. hopefully ill never have to test it out

someday in the future when i start getting into more then just the open weekend track day, id like to have the roll bar beefed up a bit. maybe extend it out to a full cage and change up the mounting points in the rear, but for now its more then enough. I'd buy it again if i owned two minis
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