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Originally Posted by MtyMous View Post
See. This is one of those times that I question whether I'm a real car fan or not.. because I don't understand the Scirocco wheel post. Are they rare or something? What's the significance of the wheels on the right? If I saw these wheels on a car, I'd probably just pass by them thinking they were an average OEM wheels from the 70's.

Just to clarify, that second image I posted was just a random google image search that I did to show Jason what the wheels look like in standard form. I have no idea what relevance, if any, the wheels to the right have. I think it was just a random photo.

There's nothing special about the wheels in any way....but it does show that even the most bland wheels often have beautiful designs but unflattering execution/widths/finishes in OEM applications. When spruced up and converted to 3-piece, they're a great looking set of wheels. Good lines, cool retro-looking disc behind the spokes, unique shapes, and great profile.
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