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Default Recently Acquired...

Originally Posted by irieman View Post
...Recently acquired... a "used" 2015 Honda CB 500 F!
Hey gang- Finally had a day off to log another 40 or so miles and to snap a few pics of the bike...




Itís got a couple bells and whistles the previous owner added before trading it in for a BMW 1200F (which I was also looking at). Still looking stuff up as I notice them, but here's a couple things I tracked down:

Givi rack mount & top case (obvious)

GiPro gear indicator

Some type of throttle lock

Battery Tender pigtail

Puig clear windscreen

SW-Motech crashbars

PIAA led lights

Some type of adjustable clutch/brake levers

I thought it odd that with all of these mods it's still running a stock exhaust and rear fender, my first order of business! Still learning about the CB line in general- Feel free to share your wisdom about this bike or anything else related!

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