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Got some spare time the other day and decided to do some wrenching on the MINI. I jacked it up and put it on blocks, took the rear wheels off and had a good look at what was going on with the broken hand brake cable. There are 2 cables running to each rear brake. The driver side cable is the one that was busted completely and the passenger side one had the sheathing torn apart and was rusting up. Everything came out and went back in pretty smoothly and I was able to replace the cables without dropping the exhaust and removing the heat shielding. Luckily I had purchased new cables for both sides years ago so I had replacement parts ready to go.

The car has been garaged for a while so the battery had no juice in it when I tried to fire it up. Looks like I have to try and charge it up or get new battery. Looking to get it registered and insured again to have it for some summer driving fun.

In other news since my absence from this site I have gotten married and have a 20 month year old boy! Looks like I will be handing down this car to someone someday after all. He loves cars and trucks and everything like that so I am so psyched to take him down the rabbit hole!

"The wonders shall never end."
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