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Rear brake calipers: If you're too cheap to buy the brake caliper tool to push the pistons in, use a big C-clamp. The piston has to turn as it rotates (think of it as a large bolt), so put the C-clamp on it with the threaded shaft part on the piston face (taking care not to damage the rubber boot) and the clamp body on the back of the caliper. Turn it until it tightens up a bit, then slowly work it tighter until the swivel head on the C-clamp binds up. If you feel like you're applying too much force, back it off a little, then try again. With a little bit of finesse, the piston should begin to turn and compress, loosening the clamp and allowing the head to swivel again. Tighten it up again, and it should bind up and turn the piston more easily. Continue this until the piston is fully pushed in, being careful to guide the rubber boot in around the piston without letting it get bunched up.
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