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Originally Posted by KiLO View Post
Glen, how much does Steve charge for the Power Slots?

The dealer told me today that I need to rears at least, and probably new fronts. I didn't want the dealer-installed $1200 brake job, so I told them not to do anything. Anyway... That's my story about why I'm asking... haha...
i cant remember exactly.... something in the neighborhood of 300 with new pads all the way around. *only front rotors were replaced

btw- i likes a lot... i used to glaze my stock rotors a little and the squeek would go away after about a hundred miles. hasnt happened yet on the pslots... not sure if it's the slots or more braking/driving experience. i knw for a fact i used to get on the brakes too hard and early at events... not so much anymore
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