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Default 1992 Rover black smoke, SPI swapped for HS4

So a couple of weeks ago my car (1992 Rover 1.3) started to idle rough and had black smoke, then it wouldn't stay running as I drove to the Garage. The day before it was running just fine.. From what I have read the black smoke is the car running too rich. So I asked the guy to rebuild the carb. He speaks ok English, but is not familiar with Minis, he came recommended from some guys that have Skylines and Silvias, and with the car not running he is kinda the only option at the moment.
So far he has checked the motor and fixed the oil leak and replaced the motor mounts, but after rebuilding the carb he is not having any luck. He has a Mini specialist coming on Tuesday to try and help him out.
Also the VIN says this car was a SPI but it has an HS4 now. Is it common to swap to the carb? Would it be better to swap back or just get the carb adjusted to work again.
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