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I had a crazy week and forgot to post my review. Overall, I was pretty impressed. Honestly, the Cooper/Auto combo was lethargic. Not that I was surprised by that, but it did hurt the enjoyment some for me. The handling wasn't bad at all! Considering it's a bigger vehicle, I still felt confident tossing it into corners and taking tight turns onto side streets like I would with any other MINI.

The interior was cool, though a little awkward feeling for me. Maybe it was just the position of the armrest on the door or something, but I felt a little bit off. The seats are great. Loved the room behind the rear seats. I got some groceries and found the lower level worked well for a small trip to the store.

I'd still like to drive the S-AWD version, especially with a manual transmission. I think I could really enjoy one of those. The only other gripe I really had was no big surprise... The height was killing me. I'm not used to sitting so high in a MINI. Obviously, this is pretty much the point of the car. It was just a little awkward to be in a MINI that had ground clearance and had you at the same height as large sedans and small SUV's that usually seem to be so tall.
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