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Default Rejoining the Mini Family

Hello all! My name is Niki, and I'm finally rejoining the Mini family after 5 long years away. I've owned two Minis in the past, but sold my 2007 MCS in 2011 because I needed a bigger car. I bought a Jeep Cherokee (which we used to move from NH to IA), huge difference from my Mini, and have owned a Gran Prix and a Toyota Matrix. I still have the Matrix, but was planning on getting second car, most likely Mini, once I graduate nursing school in the spring. My hubby and I had figured it would be a good time, as a graduation present and a new great paying job present. Well on Saturday we were driving by our local used car place where I bought my last two cars, and I almost turned around in my seat and yelled "MINI!" We thought the dealership was closed, so we pulled in and wanted to just peak at it. One of the salesmen came out asking if we wanted to test drive it, yeah of course! Turns out it was a local trade in the night before, they didn't even have time to clean it yet. It is a 2008 MCS, auto with step, leather seats, Dark Silver Metallic with a black roof, with only 53k miles. I know the previous owner, and chatted with her. It has been garaged every winter, and only serviced by Mini mechanics. While it isn't the manual I want, very very hard to pass up on the deal like that. Applied and got approved for the loan. We'll be picking it up tonight or tomorrow, because I'm working today, blah! No pics yet, but I will be posting once I get it in my hands!
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