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Sunday may be tough. Let's all exchange contact info via PM..

I want this to be fun too.. let's say we try and get more people, but not be stressin' over it.. I'm all for the people on M|U coming along because the forum here is as cool as it is.. but some of the other forums, well, you know the story, so let's make it "non-denominational" meaning, even if you're not a part of a club or a forum, or whatever, we'll still accept you for a good time of some tearing and some food afterward.. Allie's cool, great that she wants to come along.

Can you throw together a Litchfield run? Don't forget your cameras, boys and girls..

As Ace said, anyone else want to come along, even if you're out of state, join us!

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Oh hell many of the roads that end in 'Hill' are almost guaranteed to make you smile...I think allie(aka: thebestever) would like to come along as well. I have a pretty comprehensive map of Litchfield County, so if you are down, so am I.

I know a few places that would be good for photo ops as well. Let me know...if anyone else is interested, let me know!
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