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Default Interesting observations

We always used 'em at the track, but then the difference in continuous exposure to pounding and heat is a bit different then any spirited street driving or autocross action.

The pedal feel remained more consistent and they never had any complications, put 'em on and run 'em (unlike the stock lines - spongy and fragile). Then again, it might have been a by-product of older technology. There's very little comparison between the technology in an Opel Manta/GT or a BMW 2002 and a modern MINI Cooper...

Regardless, I'm supposed to get my StopTech brake parts any day now and in that bundle o' joy is a complete set of stainless lines, front slotted, and Hawk ceramics for the front. So, I guess I'll gain first hand experience soon on how much/little difference the lines make for aggressive carving on back roads.
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