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Thumbs up WOOT! My box of brakes is shipping!

Swapped out the Hawk Ceramic pads (on eternal backorder) for AXXIS Ultimate pads. So, I gain some braking and break even on the dust (so I can continue the pesky task of cleaning my freeeeakin rims )... Not a bad compromise.

Can't wait, just need to find that looooooong open road to do the initial break in runs without bothering other drivers.

I must say, the folks at StopTech ( may not have the best sales communication (What order? Who? When? Huh?) but they are definitely all about the brakes. Very nice conversation with them today - succinct, literal, and very pleasant on an enthusiast/professional level. The sales person I talked with today even drives an MCS which provided a nice level of comfort while deciding on how to squander my pennies.

Better than TireRack, Pegasus, and others I've used for various parts/pieces.
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