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Yea, I plan on doing the whole stretch/slammed look. But realistically, that won't happen for a good 2 more years or so. My goal as of now is to run about -2 camber up front and maybe -1.5 out back (once I have control arms). Maybe 1/16" toe front and back? I'm not too familiar with toe settings. Just looking to be pretty low but still handle relatively well.

I know people say the race plates IE sells are loud as hell. What kind of noise are we talking? I'm assuming it'll be no problem and I can deal with it, but I'd just like to know what I'm getting into.

edit: found my answer about the plates. fwiw.

Originally Posted by justintime View Post
when your going slow and your turn the wheel it poppes and makes grinding kinda noises. in parking lots and such.. and when you hit bumps I wouldnt call it a rattle but close. just very noisy.
Are they seriously unbearable for a daily driver?
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