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Just got home from Diaz' place. I must say that this was one of the best LM24's in recent memory. It was like the drivers of the #2 Audi R18 and the #73 C6.R were fighting on to avenge their fallen brethren. It was nothing short of AWESOME.

Watching this race for about 13 hours straight on my end and all 24 on Ivan's end is no easy task. At the Audi's last pit stop when they took on tires and exited the pits a mere 6 or so seconds ahead of the #9 Peugeot any fatigue we had disappeared.

It was almost heart-stopping to watch the Audi continue to drive at speed. When the Audi finally crossed the finish line there was the usual sense of accomplishment and a huge wave of emotion as the Audi thought least likely to have a chance at a win overcame team turmoil to hold of the charging triplet of Peugeot's. Magnificent!

The same can be said of Corvette Racing. Mistakes plagued this team as well when the #74 went out early Sunday morning. All drivers of the #73 sister car knew what they had to do. Seeing that team push harder than I've ever seen a Corvette push was nothing short of epic.

The podium was filled with history making wins. Audi with the overall win in the cars' debut performance at Le Mans, the amazing charge by Corvette, the historic finish in GT Pro for the Ford GT. Last but not least, a second place finish in P2 for a team consisting of three well rounded drivers one of them who 3 years ago won GT Academy.....

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