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Watching the race in replay the last 2 days. 3.5 hours of race time left to go for me. The battle between teh audi and peugeots with about 6.5 left to go was absolutely fantastic. Benoit for the win.

While the race this year is probably the best I've seen in recent memory... i have to say that the disparity in driver skill is about as wide as i've ever seen at LM24. I'm seeing some of the best team driving I've ever seen with my own two eyes (benoit, andre, dumas - millner, garcia, beretta) and also some of the worst coming from gte-am. The melding of these two classes has changed the dynamic a bit and has caused some spectacular wrecks and passing moves.

All in all while the racing is good, I can't help but to think we are just lucky that everyone made it through this race alive.
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