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Originally Posted by Rally View Post
The silver seal one in crate? I checked that thing out in person at a swap meet and just saw it come up in the classifieds recently. It's a good engine I need to find a 1275, but I'm just on the hunt for a cheap one in need of a rebuild so I can give it a complete going-over as i build it up.
We looked at the a silver seal , not sure if it's the same one you are referring too. When the owner of the mini went to pick it up they opened the crate and checked the motor only to find out it had been run which was a surprise . The owner of the parts had been told that it had never been run when he purchased it and had never bothered to check . He then offered my buddy a completely brand new 1275 for the same price as he was selling the silver seal for as a totally stand up move on his part . The 1275 had a tranny with it and as we don't need one he said hang on 30 min and he pulled the tranny and the deal,was done. There are some really good people in the classic mini world

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