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Cool rotor solution sounds good. I just wasn't sure what his plan was

I prefer lug bolts.

Studs would need to be short, or wheels like RS's won't fit with their centercaps. Then when they're short, it makes running spacers hard.

From a sales standpoint, if you're gonna do it, I'd probably go 5x114. That allows all the JDM wheels and 17" RS's etc. I'd personally prefer the 5x112, but there are only a few of us Euro loving MINI owners. Then if a few people want to run 5x112 I guess they could get wobble bolts.

getting custom wheels gets you 1 set of wheels... and the market to sell them to someone else is small. hubs allow you to play in other people's markets, getting new, used, and reselling with someone else. plus, with custom you're still limited. hard to get a nice exposed-lug 5 spoke design to work with 4 bolts.
I don't know, custom 4x100's are pretty easy to sell off. You get to play in 5 pretty large wheel-whore markets in the car community....mk3 VWs, Miata, Honda, e30 BMW's, and Scion...and they all use similar small size 15-17" wheels. The 5x112 market is a bit more difficult because those cars are so much larger than ours. You're then looking at sizes from 17-22. I'm not sure on the specifics of the 5x114 market, but it's generally around 17 and may have better luck with some of the smaller sizes.
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