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Default m|u logo stickers

Some of us n00bs here were never able to rep the m|u by getting stickers. The EPS files were posted for use to make our own. I'm trading emails with a shop to get these done...probably not the cheapest out there, but he does custom overlays for MINI's etc. (the Cool Blue with black ASA wheels is mine, as is the Subaru).

Here's the deal....minimums....10 per color at $15/qty10. Min order of 5 sets. I'll front this if we have enough takers. Ends up being $3/pr + a stamp to mail them.

Post if you are interested and let's get a consensus on colors. Here's what I'm thinking:

red - II
gloss black
satin/flat black - IV
royal blue

I'm in for six total....four satin black and two red.

To the m|u admins...hope this is cool. No money being made except by the guy cutting the vinyl for us. If there's a better source, I'm all ears
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