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ya i didnt even want to mention the trailered just got worse and worse as the dvd progressed,it was just really bad right off the bat when it started,when they were laughing at horsethief mile saying "this is the american touge course we will be running" hahahaa,imagine what they really thought "this course is a joke compared to our real touge showdowns" and yes i have seen horse thief mile before.

There are alot of loop holes in this country,especially in this state,if Fast and furious director/production can can rent out one of the most popular roads from the national forest service/whoever else they need permission.Im sure BMI can gather a handful of american touge drivers/cars,and do the samething like the japanese segments.All in all they can do 10 cars comfortable in two nights of shooting.FAST AND FURIOUS man,its about street racing and mountain racing with lil bow wow lol,and you are telling me i have to be worried about BMI,having two proffesional drivers,"Test" 10 cars out against each other.I dont see the problem.Do you see what i am saying man?You of all people were right there and see the layout.I dont see any valid reason/excuse after what fast and furious rented out FOR A RACING MOVIE lol Remember keiichi did alot of movies also,like freeway speedway,with various touge scenes.There are loop holes for filming where you want to film,even on mullholland drive.Doesnt matter if it was filming in the 60's or filming today,because its done all the time.BMI is a motorsport entertainment production company.I am not entertained by american touge dvds.But thats how it is,and what you say is most likely true,itll be a cold day in hell before they do it,but i voice my opinion because i know it can be done.It just has to be taken with determination,just like other dvd/movie companies.Politics always come into play,but there are always some way around it.I cant explain how fast and furious rented out that specific portion of the mountain,i nearly had a heart attack when i seen all the lights all over the mountain and various cars/camera crew etc etc,it was seen for miles.Filming on one of the most popular/talked about road,when they have closed down one part for years because of certain events,then a movie about mountain/street racing is allowed to film on a portion of it.Ohh well if BMI cant do it,ohh well,thats reality.

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